About Us


  • To work for solving the issues of disabled, streed children, old aged peoples, helpless people, present in the society and develop them mentally, physically and raise their education.
  • To conserve the historical, religious, economical and environmental aspects present in the society and help to develop
    the country.
  • To make aware about human rights in context to law and practice to everyone and run various programs in accordance in the society
  • To work toward the conservation of environment and help run the country in good way by removing all the bad activities through out the country.
  • Run various programmes to make people aware in regard to environmental changes and the effect of it.
  • This Organization shall be a non-profit making and people welfare social organization.
  • To support to the weak, aged, handicapped, street children, vulnerable male and female of the society for their academic, physical, mental and educational development and to initiate to resolve their problems.
  • To conserve and protect historical, religious, financial and cultural heritage of the society and to protect environment through the countrywide campaign.
  • To make capable to all in the sector of human right, legal and practical matter and to conduct programme to empower them in these sectors.
  • To eradicate ill activities including social illness and social disarray from the society and to initiate to maintain good governance in the society and to construct civilized society and to develop scientific agriculture method.
  • To aware to the people about globally degrading environment through conducting various programme and initiate to resolve the environmental problems including polluted environment and deforesting.
  • To support to promote all sectors including natural, cultural, social, human right and education of the society and to participate actively in those programme and to provide services.